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Landlocked and traditionally isolated, Mongolia possesses a great wealth of under-exploited natural resources, including gold, silver and copper, as well as 10% of the world's known coal reserves. Although the country is peaceful and politically stable, corruption, insufficient transparency in government affairs, and an ambiguous foreign investment legal framework have undermined its capacity to fully capitalize on its economic potential.

MONGOLIA: Prevent Domestic Violence to Strengthen Local Women through Providing Legal Knowledge

This sub-project aimed to prevent domestic violence (DV) in Mongolia by raising awareness on the characteristics of DV, psychosocial features of a victim/survivor, and related legal knowledge among women in Tuv province. Beautiful Hearts, in cooperation with Authority of Family, Child, and Youth Development, strengthened cooperation between paralegal organizations in the province; delivered capacity development sessions for paralegals on human rights and gender equality and supported their advocacy activities targeting local girls and women.

Child Protection Enhancement Project

Funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Mongolia, the “Child Protection Enhancement Project” (CPEP) builds on the results of its first phase of COVID-19 response programming addressing child access to justice in Mongolia. CPEP works to enhance the child protection system and support Mongolian children by building the technical and professional skills of Legal Committees for Child Rights (LCCRs) through mentorship and advanced training.

MONGOLIA: Child-Friendly Environment

This sub-project aimed to create a child-friendly school environment by enhancing the capacity of schoolteachers and workers to deliver quality services to children. In order to increase knowledge and understanding of gender-based violence (GBV) and domestic violence (DV) among teachers, workers and children, Setgeliin Goyol delivered a series of training sessions on GBV/DV prevention and awareness in schools in the Zavkhan province.

MONGOLIA: Let's Change Attitudes and Extend Our Love

This sub-project aimed to enhance the capacity of high-risk groups and the general public on domestic violence (DV), gender-based violence-related issues and relevant legal provisions. in order to raise awareness and increase knowledge on human rights and DV, the National Center Against Violence (NCAV) delivered a series of training sessions to paralegals on the Law on Combatting Domestic Violence of 2016 and provided support in organizing awareness-raising and advocacy activities for people at risk of DV through local media campaigns.


Key Initiatives

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