International Development Law Organization
Implementing Partner: 
Khuchirkhiilliin Esreg Undesnii Tuv (National Center Against Violence, Uvurkhangai Branch)
Sub-Project title: 
Let's Change Attitudes and Extend Our Love
Amount awarded: 
MNT 20,000,000
June, 2021 to April, 2022

The sub-project aims to enhance the capacity of high-risk groups and the general public on domestic violence (DV), gender-based violence-related issues and relevant legal provisions. In order to raise awareness and increase knowledge on human rights and DV, the National Center Against Violence (NCAV - Uvurkhangai Branch) is training paralegals on the Law Combatting Domestic Violence (2017) and providing support in the organization of awareness-raising and advocacy activities for people at risk of DV through local media campaigns. NCAV is also organizing a drama competition on “Human Rights Violation and Consequences of Violence” among school children. Finally, NCAV is supporting renovation of the local consultation center and implementing a mentorship program for its staff.

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