International Development Law Organization

Annual Reports

8 November, 2019
1 November, 2018
1 November, 2017
The 2016 Annual Report covers the three thematic pillars of IDLO’s 2013- 2016 Strategic Plan: ■ Building effective legal institutions; ■ Ensuring access to justice; and ■ Promoting legal solutions to advance economic opportunity and sustainable development.
25 November, 2016
By the end of 2015, IDLO had expanded its field presence to fifteen countries, stretching across four continents, from Mongolia to Mali, Ukraine to Indonesia, and Honduras to Tunisia. The organization also opened a UN Liaison Office in Geneva to complement our presence at the United Nations in New York and contribute to the work of the UN Human Rights Council and the Geneva-based agencies and organizations.
7 October, 2015
This report highlights IDLO's achievements and challenges, aiming to convey the breadth and geographic diversity of activities in 2014. Overall, it was IDLO's busiest year on record, with the organization's program portfolio, program implementation and revenue reaching their highest levels since IDLO was created, in its current form, in 1988. 
10 September, 2014
2013 was marked by significant growth in IDLO’s programs, its profile, and its political and financial support. Positioning itself as a thought leader as well as a provider of capacity development and technical legal assistance, the organization focused on three areas: building effective institutions; enhancing access to justice; and using legal innovation to promote sustainable development.