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Strategic Plan

Since IDLO’s last Strategic Plan was adopted in 2016, the global environment, the development sector and the Organization have all changed significantly. The biggest, most immediate challenge is the COVID-19 pandemic, which is rapidly reshaping all aspects of political, social, economic and legal life.

As our Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 comes to an end this year, we are developing a forward-looking plan for IDLO’s next strategic cycle (2021-2024) that promotes a “people-centered” approach to justice.

Stakeholder consultations are one of the most important parts of the process. From June to September 2020, we have been hosting virtual discussions and speaking to strategic partners in all countries in which we work. We also sought feedback through an online survey in five languages. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this process! 

The draft Strategic Plan 2021-2024 will be submitted to the Assembly of Parties for approval at its annual meeting in November 2020.


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