International Development Law Organization



IDLO has provided capacity enhancement training to tens of thousands of legal professionals from the developing world. Many have gone on to form IDLO Alumni Associations. These nationally established, independent non-governmental bodies bring together legal professionals from all sectors: government, business, private practice and civil society. The Associations build bridges and foster cooperation across different legal sectors. They play an important role in furthering the rule of law in the communities they serve.

IDLO supports their in-country initiatives to provide continuing legal education, strengthen civil society and foster a culture of justice. Along with organizational capacity building, IDLO assists Alumni Associations in designing and conducting substantive training and legal technical assistance activities. IDLO Program Officers provide guidance on training design and materials and also serve as facilitators and/or experts in local training activities.

Associations provide legal resources, advice and assistance to other NGOs and the local legal community and collaborate with government, business and civil society to advance implementation.

IDLO seeks to empower its network of Alumni Associations so they:

  • Carry out continuing education, research and publication at the national level;
  • Provide legal resources, advice and assistance to civil society organizations and the local legal community; and of country poverty reduction strategies (PRS) and country development strategies to reach the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Collaborate with government, business and civil society to advance the implementation of national poverty reduction and development strategies.


The Alumni Associations established in 47 countries are implementing programs that respond to needs in their legal communities. These include:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Development Program: Associations in a total of 15 countries have been undertaking capacity development activities in the field of IP, tailored to national needs, as a follow-up to work begun by IDLO. The program focuses on building local capacity to protect and enforce IP rights and access new technologies, thus strengthening national intellectual property regimes.
  • In-Country Activities: In a number of countries Associations have implemented projects dealing with such issues as gender and legal dimensions of HIV/AIDS, access to justice, strengthening local governments and public procurement policies. IDLO supports these in-country initiatives by providing on-going institutional development assistance.