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While the Philippines has experienced rapid economic and social transformation in the past years, the Government has committed to strengthening the administration of justice as highlighted in the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028.

IDLO in the Philippines is working with the government, civil society and justice professionals to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the disposition of cases, expand access to quality free or affordable legal services, improve the prosecution of criminal cases, ensure gender-responsive justice, and strengthen the rule of law to advance peace and sustainable development.

The Philippines joined IDLO in 1989 as one of its founding Member Parties and hosted IDLO’s Asia Regional Training Office from 1996-2001. Since 2016, IDLO has been providing technical support by assisting the advancement of its partner institutions, beginning with the Department of Justice and the Office of the Ombudsman. In more recent years, IDLO has worked with the Anti-Money Laundering Council, the Supreme Court’s Philippine Judicial Academy and the Philippine Commission on Women. As the partnership with the Philippines continues to strengthen and deepen, IDLO is committed to exploring new opportunities for collaboration.

Re-Tender Philippines_Instructional Design and E-Learning ITB No. PHIL_2024_003

Framework Agreements for the provision of Instructional Design and E-learning Services for Philippines.

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Key Initiatives

  • The criminal justice system in the Philippines experiences poor coordination among agencies, particularly police and prosecutors. Currently, there is a shortage of prosecutors to take criminal cases to trial in the Department of Justice (DOJ), and many of those who serve on behalf of the people require support in order to perform their duties with a high level of necessary knowledge, skills and ethics.
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