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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Program

As part of IDLO’s pledge to continuously enhance the impact of its work and be at the forefront of thinking on how change occurs and can be fostered in the rule of law field, the IDLO Lessons Learned Program analyses priority themes from select IDLO programs in combination with international theory and practice. The aim is to learn what types of interventions can lead to positive change, under what conditions, and how such change can be sustained. To share good practices both internally as well as with the broader rule of law community, findings are compiled in a series of Briefs, intended to support program design and implementation and to influence and innovate rule of law policy and advocacy.


Lessons Learned Brief - Transition and Continuing Professional Development in Afghanistan and Beyond: Ten Lessons from IDLO's Justice Training Transition Program Experience





Lessons Learned Brief - Avoiding Violence and Enhancing Legitimacy: Judicial Preparedness for Handling Electoral Disputes in Kenya and Beyond





Lessons Learned Brief - Enabling Sustainable Development: Lessons from E-Justice Programming in Kyrgyzstan




Tanzania & Uganda

Lessons Learned Brief - Legal Empowerment, Social Accountability and HIV Prevention for Young Women and Girls: Lessons from Tanzania and Uganda