International Development Law Organization

Crisis Governance Forum: Roadmap for a Rule of Law-Based Recovery

WEBINAR | Wednesday, 14 July 2021 | 7.30 am to 9 am EDT
Crisis Governance Forum: Roadmap for a Rule of Law-Based Recovery
An official side-event of the 2021 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development
COVID-19 is putting governance at all levels to the test. We face not just a public health emergency, but a political, social and economic crisis of historic proportions.
The 2030 Agenda – especially Sustainable Development Goal 16 – is central to an equitable and sustainable recovery from COVID-19 and cannot be achieved without peaceful and inclusive societies, access to justice, and effective, accountable institutions.
The pandemic has demonstrated that the pillars of SDG 16 are vital to accelerate progress towards other SDGs, including SDG 3, for good health and well-being, SDG 5, for gender equality, SDG 8 for sustainable economic growth, SDG 10, for reduced inequalities, and SDG 13, for climate action.
The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) is hosting a Crisis Governance Forum on 14 July focused on a Roadmap for a Rule of Law-Based Recovery. This event will take place during the 2021 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, which will consider ways to promote a more sustainable and resilient recovery from the pandemic and accelerate progress towards SDG 16, for peaceful and inclusive societies.
Building on IDLO’s earlier contribution to the global COVID-19 response and the outcomes of an April 2021 Conference on SDG 16, this event will bring together a high-level panel to share concrete ways in which SDG 16 can promote inclusive economic recovery, strengthen preparedness for future crises, tackle inequalities and help us transition to a greener and more climate-resilient development model.
IDLO’s Crisis Governance Forum series brings together policymakers and practitioners working on the frontlines of COVID-19 crisis management and recovery efforts to share insights, experiences and solutions as we navigate the unprecedented policy dilemmas presented by the pandemic.
Through an interactive panel discussion, the event will address the following key questions at the heart of a Rule of Law-Based Recovery from COVID-19:
  • What are effective ways to promote a fair and sustainable recovery from the pandemic and build more resilient societies?
  • How can we identify those most vulnerable and ensure that they are not left further behind in the recovery phase?
  • How can rule of law-based approaches help tackle issues of inequality, injustice and insecurity to build greater trust in governance and public institutions?
  • What lessons can we draw from COVID-19 and the global response to it, to build more effective, people-centered justice systems?
  • How can investing in peace, justice and effective, accountable institutions – the three pillars of SDG 16 - help to tackle some of our biggest shared challenges including extreme inequality, climate change and conflict?





This event is co-sponsored by the Bureau of IDLO’s Assembly of Parties: the Government of Pakistan (President), the Government of Italy (Vice-President), and the Government of the United States of America (Vice-President).


Welcome and introduction

  • Ms. Jan Beagle, Director-General, IDLO

Opening Remarks

  • H.E. Jauhar Saleem, Ambassador of Pakistan to Italy


  • Mr. Federico Cafiero de Raho, Anti-Mafia and Counter-Terrorism National Prosecutor, Italy
  • Ms. Lynrose Jane D. Genon, Executive Council of Young Women+ Leaders for Peace, Philippines
  • Mr. Gerald Abila, Attorney and Founder, Barefoot Law, Uganda
  • Hon. Rose A. Ebrahim, High Court Judge, Tanzania
  • Dr. Sam Muller, CEO, The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL), Netherlands

Q&A and Interactive Dialogue


  • Ms. Jan Beagle, Director-General, IDLO

14 July 2021| 7.30 am to 9 am EDT

A concept note will be available for download below.