International Development Law Organization

A Series of Online Consultations on Crisis Governance and the Rule of Law

The Crisis Governance Forum will host a series of multi-stakeholder dialogues for sharing insights, experiences and solutions among policymakers and practitioners at all levels involved in the COVID-19 crisis management.

A main focus of the speakers' interventions, and of the interactive dialogue that will follow, will be to illustrate concretely the relevance of the 2030 Agenda, and in particular SDG 16, as a roadmap for the policies and measures required to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and build more resilient and just societies in the future.

Advancing the values and principles of the 2030 Agenda in the response and recovery effort will be a central objective of all sessions of the Forum.


-   Upcoming Consultations   -

   September 2020 - Date TBC     ZOOM Webinar

The next online consultation of the Crisis Governance Forum will take place in September 2020. Subscribe to IDLO here to receive our latest news and updates. 



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-   Recent Consultations   -


   Wednesday 1 July 2020  |  9:00 - 11:00AM EST     ZOOM Webinar

The series launch featured senior policymakers and other stakeholders who shared lessons learned in policymaking related to COVID-19 and addressed the nexus between crisis governance and the rule of law - a critical link to provide legitimacy and enhance public trust in government.