Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Implementing Partners and Grants

IDLO is committed to working closely with the communities it serves, based on the principles of partnership, results-orientation, accountability, transparency and gender sensitivity. IDLO programs are tailored to meet local needs and based on locally defined parameters, anchored within international standards of human rights and the rule of law. This requires sustained engagement and cooperation with national actors, civil society and local communities.

IDLO refers to organizations implementing projects on its behalf as Implementing Partners (IPs). IDLO provides grants to its IPs to implement Sub-Projects. IDLO is committed to a collaborative relationship with its Implementing Partners. Collaboration ensures the effective and efficient delivery of Sub-Projects and accountability for results. Collaboration is also a key enabler of organizational learning and innovation for both IDLO and its Implementing Partners.

IDLO works closely with its Implementing Partners to design and implement Sub-Projects to address rule of law-related issues around the world. IDLO’s relationship with its Implementing Partners rests on the following guiding principles:

  • Learning from each other by contributing expertise and learning lessons which will be of benefit to all;
  • Understanding each other’s point of view prior to taking action to avoid or resolve conflicts;
  • Transparency and information-sharing to facilitate decision-making;
  • Planning and solving problems together to help ensure timely and appropriate implementation;
  • Continuous prioritization so that issues and concerns are addressed in terms of their urgency and importance;
  • Defining realistic objectives, policies, procedures and approaches to implementation and committing to respect them to ensure that Sub-Projects are delivered on time, with the desired quality and the right cost;
  • Joint coaching and training from the early stages of collaboration;
  • Commitment to the underlying cooperation framework between IDLO and the donor, including consultations throughout the different steps of the Sub-Project process.


IDLO, supported by its donors, provides partial or full funding for the implementation of Sub-Projects, as well as support to building the capacity of Implementing Partners to foster implementation (subject to the availability of funds). Current and prospective Implementing Partners interested in receiving financial support from IDLO for the implementation of a Sub-Project are expected to comply with IDLO’s standards and practices for working Implementing Partners.

The IDLO Sub-Project process consists of five main phases,
from selecting an Implementing Partner through Sub-Project implementation, monitoring and reporting, to Sub-Project closure. 

Phase 1:
Selection of
Phase 2:
Phase 3:
Phase 4:
and Reporting
Phase 5:

IDLO requires that all Sub-Project concept notes, proposals, and supporting materials be developed in line with IDLO policies, guidelines, and templates. In addition, Implementing Partners shall work in close collaboration with IDLO in the design and implementation of a Sub-Project; and shall have full ownership of the Sub-Project and be responsible for delivering the expected results.


IDLO launches Call for Concept Notes targeting not-for-profit organizations around the world to solicit Sub-Project Concept Notes aimed at addressing country and project-specific priorities, in line with IDLO’s Strategic Plan.
Who can apply? Not-for-Profit Organizations
For more detailed information on specific eligibility criteria and conditions for applying, please refer to the specific Call for Concept Note.
Calls for Concept Notes Sub-Projects awarded since August 2020