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Strategic Plan

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IDLO’s Strategic Plan 2021-2024 aims to promote people-centered justice and the rule of law to build more peaceful, inclusive and resilient societies.

With this overall objective, the Strategic Plan 2021-2024:

  • sets out IDLO’s overall strategic direction for the next four years;
  • defines our contribution to global efforts to sustain peace and achieve sustainable development in line with our mandate and comparative advantages; and
  • identifies areas where we need to invest and strengthen the Organization to deliver the change we seek.

The Plan has two Strategic Goals and six Strategic Objectives that are interconnected and reflect our understanding of the rule of law as both an outcome and enabler of peace and sustainable development as well as our commitment to maximizing the rule of law’s contribution to a more peaceful, just and equitable future.

Developing the Plan

To ensure that IDLO had the best evidence base available when assessing its strategic options, we carried out an extensive data collection exercise, including wide-ranging consultations with stakeholders at the global, regional and national levels.

The process included over 90 interviews and some 20 focus groups with key leaders and stakeholders in Rome, Geneva, New York, The Hague and through our Country Offices in Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Mexico, Mali, Mongolia, Myanmar, Tunisia and Uganda. We also organized an online survey for our full range of stakeholders. 

The consultations engaged our governing bodies and Member Parties, as well as a wide range of current and prospective partners including senior government representatives; parliamentarians; donors; the political and peacebuilding, peacekeeping, development, humanitarian and human rights entities in the UN system in Rome, New York, Geneva and Vienna; civil society; academia; women’s organizations and youth. We also consulted extensively within IDLO, engaging colleagues through consultations, focus groups and surveys conducted across our offices.