International Development Law Organization

Governance Structure

The governance structure of the Organization is composed of:

THE ASSEMBLY OF PARTIES, composed of representatives of all IDLO’s Member Parties, is IDLO’s highest decision-making body. It normally convenes in Rome once a year, in the last quarter of the year. The role of the Assembly is to determine the Organization’s policies and oversee the actions of the Director-General. Its duties include the adoption of the budget and the accompanying management plan; the adoption of by-laws for the governance of the Organization; the approval of the admission of new members of the Organization; and the election of the Director-General, members of the Standing Committee, and the members of the Board of Advisers.

THE STANDING COMMITTEE reports to the Assembly of Parties and provides appropriate oversight of the Organization on behalf of the Member Parties between sessions of the Assembly. It is comprised of the President of the Assembly, who shall be its Chair; the Assembly’s two Vice-Presidents; and one representative from each of the four Parties who are elected by the Assembly in alternate years, each for a two-year term. The Standing Committee is in charge of monitoring the proper implementation of the budget, management plan, strategic plan, and other decisions of the Assembly; review and approval of the external audit reports and financial statements of the Organization; and preparing reports and recommendations for the Assembly.

The current members of the Standing Committee are the representatives of: Ecuador, Italy (ex officio Vice-President), Kuwait, Mozambique (Vice-President), Peru, Turkey, and the United States (President).

THE AUDIT AND FINANCE COMMITTEE was established by the Assembly of Parties to assist the Assembly, through the Standing Committee, in its oversight responsibilities with respect to audit and compliance, the implementation of financial reporting and maintenance of effective and efficient financial performance. It is composed of three or five members chosen from among members of the Assembly of Parties for a two-year term renewable once. The Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee is appointed by the Assembly of Parties from among the members of the Committee, and is required to have relevant financial expertise.

The current members of the Audit and Finance Committee are the representatives of Egypt, Italy (Chair), Pakistan, Peru, and the United States.

A BOARD OF ADVISERS provides expert advice to the Assembly of Parties, the Standing Committee, and the Director-General. It includes between six and ten individuals elected by the Assembly for a four-year term. All Board Members are selected based on their expertise and backgrounds in various disciplines that have an impact on the rule of law and development. They serve in their personal capacities and not as representatives of their governments or organizations. Meetings of the Board of Advisers are convened at least once a year, prior to the regular meeting of the Assembly.


The current members of the Board of Advisors are:

  • H.E. Ertuğrul Apakan, Ambassador, Former Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations
  • Dr. Soukeina Bouraoui, Executive Director, Center of Arab Women for Training and Research, Tunisia
  • Prof. Cristiana Carletti, Associate Professor of Public International Law, University Roma Tre - Faculty/Department of Political Science, Rome, Italy
  • Mr. Hassan Cisse, Former Director, Governance and Inclusive Institutions, Governance Global Practice, World Bank, USA
  • Prof. Stefan Hammer, Professor of Public Law and Legal Philosophy, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • Prof. Patricia G. Kameri-Mbote, Professor of Law, School of Law, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Ms. Hongxia Liu, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Associate Vice Chancellor, New York University, Shanghai, China [Vice Chair]
  • Prof. Makau W. Mutua, SUNY Distinguished Professor, Buffalo Law School, The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, USA [Chair]
  • Mr. Daniel Rowland, Law and Development Advisor, The University of Sydney Law School, Australia
  • Dr. Hanno Scheuch, Senior Counsel, OPEC Fund for International Development, Vienna, Austria