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Formerly known as Dahomey, Benin successfully transitioned from dictatorship to democracy in 1991 with the free election of the president, and the country continues to enjoy a strong and stable democracy. Despite promising economic growth over the past few years, primarily through cotton production, Benin’s economy remains underdeveloped with severe poverty and rampant corruption.  

Strengthening the legal response to HIV/AIDs

It is well recognized that discrimination against people living with HIV and affected populations (such as injecting drug users and women in the sex industry) blocks HIV prevention efforts. Discrimination discourages HIV testing and can limit access to care and treatment services. IDLO is working to provide legal information and representation to HIV-affected and key populations in Benin. Through collaboration with local organizations, IDLO is building local capacity in Benin and strengthening the legal response to help those living with HIV assert their rights and address intolerance.

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