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The consultations on, and final form of, what has become known as the 2030 Agenda have made one thing clear: the imperatives of inclusivity, equity and justice are central to the global pursuit for sustainable development. The space for a genuine dialogue about human rights and democratic governance has opened up. This is timely: around the world, the grassroots demand for justice and the rule of law is growing ever more vocal. Substantial investment is now required to satisfy this demand -- not least, through the type of legal frameworks, institutional capacity and legal empowerment that IDLO has long advocated and helped implement.

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  • IDLO’s Director General, Irene Khan, will be speaking about ‘The Power of SDGs to Achieve Prosperity for All’ at a side event, during the UN General Assembly, co-hosted by the Global Action Platfor

  • ROME - Leaders of international organizations based in Rome today gathered to highlight the achievements and the real prospects for achieving gender equality.

  • Languages: English, Español

  • IDLO Photo Exhibition on justice and the new development agenda opens in New York at UN Headquarters

  • "Experience shows that there can be no gender equality unless women can access justice and dispense justice," IDLO Director of External Relations Judit Arenas has said at the launch of the

  • Panel Discussion cosponsored by Italy and Pakistan:

  • Side Event: Access to Legal Information

    Tools for Equity, Certainty and Transparency in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

  • Guided by leading experts, this 'Knowledge Café' provides participants with an opportunity to discuss practical ways in which the rule of law contributes to specific dimensions of sustainable development, and to participate in an interactive dialogue on how this contribution should be incorporated into the post-2015 development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Achieving a Transformative Post-2015 Development Agenda: The Contribution of the Rule of Law to Equity and Sustainability A conference convened by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the context of Italy’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in collaboration with IDLO.


    Presentation by experts to explore the contribution of the rule of law to the three pillars of sustainable development as conceived at Rio +20


  • IDLO’s study Realizing the Right to Food: Legal Strategies and Approaches has been developed as a practical and substantive resource on using litigation as a means to advance the realization of the right to food. The study is divided into three main sections, exploring how the right to food is defined in international, regional and national legal instruments, and the normative content and state obligations arising from the right (Part I); surveying key factors facing advocates, practitioners and prospective claimants wishing to litigate the right to food (Part II); and presenting examples of...
  • The flurry of debates on the post-2015 development agenda has made one thing clear: in order to address the challenges confronting the international community, a truly transformative approach is required, one that places inclusivity, equity and justice at the center of a global pursuit for sustainable development. The rule of law is key to realizing equitable growth, inclusive social development and environmental sustainability. It must play a central part in this transformative agenda. The space for a genuine dialogue on human rights and democratic governance is opening up and, along with...
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