International Development Law Organization

Improving the response to gender-based violence in Mongolia

The Government of Mongolia has taken a number of legislative and policy steps aimed at tackling domestic violence. While the new legal framework undeniably offers an improved, holistic and more victim-centered approach, its practical implementation and adherence to ensuring the needs of victims requires significant technical assistance, ongoing monitoring, and effective coordination among all the relevant actors.

IDLO is implementing a project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, that aims to empower victims of domestic violence to access justice, claim their rights and play an active role in advocating against domestic violence crimes. IDLO will work on a triple track approach, which includes identifying legislation gaps, building the capacity of legal aid providers, and increasing legal awareness through public outreach. Taking a victim-centered approach, the project will engage survivors’ voices throughout the activities, with the necessary safeguards in place, to ensure that policy recommendations, legal aid service provisions, and legal awareness activities all take into account victims’ experiences, interests, needs, concerns and rights.