International Development Law Organization

A Common Law Curriculum in South Sudan

As a long-term partner of the College of Law at the University of Juba, IDLO helped align the teaching system with South Sudan's new legal context and regional standards. With the majority of its justice sector professionals educated in Islamic/civil law, South Sudan faces the dual task of increasing its overall population of qualified legal professionals and simultaneously retraining practicing lawyers and prosecutors. To this end, IDLO is supporting the adjustment of pedagogical methods while assisting the College in addressing shortages of staff, legal resources and physical capacity.

This includes the revision of the course content and  materials in order to ensure a firmly-grounded common law curriculum, and mentoring College of Law faculty in order to strengthen their substantive knowledge and their pedagogical, research and English language skills. IDLO is also providing students with practical learning opportunities through exposure to the legal aid system, the adjudication of real cases and the judiciary of South Sudan, as well as involving them in moot court trainings, summer internship programs and community engagement activities. In the past, IDLO also assisted the College in moving towards regional standards by facilitating the signature of Memorandum of Understanding with sister institutions in the East Africa region.