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Accessing Justice: Somalia's Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers

Date of Publication: 
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
About This Publication: 

Accessing Justice: Somalia's Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers reviews structural, procedural, and normative dimensions of justice in six Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centers in Somalia, documenting insights from ADR Coordinators, Clerks, paralegals, and Adjudicators as well as users of the Centers. 

An integral part of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 16 is adopting a people-centered approach that ensures inclusive engagement, involving women and marginalized groups. ADR Centers in Somalia are improving the availability and accessibility of justice through cost-effective, context-specific and innovative ways. While barriers to formal justice institutions remain challenging, ADR Centers offer simple, proportionate and sustainable options that help empower participants. 

The research findings identify recommendations and action areas for future ADR policy and programming to advance access to justice for all.

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IDLO's work around the  (Alternative Dispute Resolution) ADR Centers promotes the active engagement of women to act as Adjudicators, counselors and advisors, as they provide support to other women seeking justice particularly on family disputes and cases of gender based violence...



While widespread and critically important to many individuals and communities, customary and informal justice (CIJ) systems are often left out of discussions held at the international level. IDLO's work aims to advance policy dialogue and distil lessons from programming and research to make justice accessible for all... Read more
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