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Statement by the Director-General, Ms Jan Beagle

High-Level Segment
9 December 2023, Dubai
Mr President,

It is a pleasure to address the Conference on behalf of the International Development Law Organization.

Over four decades, IDLO has championed the primacy of the rule of law as a catalyst for fostering peace and sustainable development.

Our experience has taught us that climate change is not merely an environmental challenge.

It is fundamentally a crisis of justice.

It amplifies existing inequalities and poses threats to human rights, security, and development in every part of the world.

At IDLO, we believe that putting the rule of law at the heart of climate action can accelerate the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement, and the 2030 Agenda.

In the past ten days, we have heard nations at this podium calling for solutions. IDLO would offer three.

First, we need to develop people-centred legal and regulatory frameworks and strengthen the capacity to implement them. This includes international instruments such as the loss and damage fund.

Fair and equitable legal systems, both formal and informal, and transparent accountable institutions will attract greater foreign investment for adaptation and mitigation.

The climate crisis is not gender-neutral. We must ensure the full and equal participation of women and girls in climate action at all levels.

As a founding commitment maker and leader of the Generation Equality Feminist Action for Climate Justice Action Coalition, IDLO will continue to focus on women and girls and the most climate-vulnerable people who are often least able to access justice and secure their environmental rights.

Second, realizing the right to adequate food will not be achieved by addressing only immediate needs.

We need to change the systems.

At IDLO, we support States’ efforts to eliminate systemic legal and policy barriers that cause unequal production, procurement, and distribution of food.

Third, we need to stop posing the question of whether the climate crisis is a health crisis.

IDLO supports the adoption of the historic COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health.

Fair, inclusive, and gender-responsive health laws and policies are key.

We need to empower the most vulnerable communities and young people to ensure that they have the legal and policy tools to fight climate injustice, and promote the support they need for adaptation and mitigation.

It is clear that inclusive and participatory governance arrangements, combined with local dispute resolution, can significantly reduce climate related threats to security and foster peace and sustainable development.

IDLO is committed to working with all partners to accelerate climate justice.