International Development Law Organization

IDLO and MENA: Regional Consultation on HIV

Cairo, Egypt - IDLO hosted the Third Regional Consultation on HIV-related Legal Services and Rights, which brought together lawyers and community activists from five countries in the Middle East & North Africa: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia. 

“Now is the time for the legal profession in the MENA region to show leadership in addressing the challenges of HIV and AIDS,” declared David Patterson, Head of IDLO’s Social Development Programs Unit. “IDLO is committed to helping minorities who are especially vulnerable right now and need lawyers to speak out on health and rights.” 

“This Consultation has provided an opportunity to share the results achieved across the region thanks to grants from IDLO to strengthen and expand HIV-related legal services and rights.” 

IDLO is training lawyers and providing legal advice and representation for people living with HIV and vulnerable communities in the MENA region, which rates poorly on access to treatment for HIV, including anti-retroviral medicines. This conference provided a platform for lawyers and activists to share lessons learned and identify collaborative ways to address future challenges. 

‘We work together like the fingers of a hand,’ said one lawyer from Egypt, describing how the legal teams cooperate with community-based organizations providing HIV counseling and information. 

IDLO support for HIV-related legal services and rights began in Egypt in 2010.