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Empowering Indigenous Communities in Latin America

The United Nations celebrates the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People today, highlighting what are some of the world’s most marginalized and vulnerable groups.

Latin America is home to tens of millions of indigenous people. Historically disenfranchised, they have often borne the brunt of internal conflict and suffered discrimination. Despite constitutional protection for indigenous rights in many countries, inequality remains high and erodes the social fabric.

We at IDLO are increasingly focusing on indigenous communities as we document and promote legal initiatives to create a culture of justice. Look out for our Guatemala report, due later this year, to see how involving indigenous groups in the climate-conscious management of natural resources can help conflict resolution.

In the meantime, click here to find out about IDLO’s work with indigenous people in Ecuador – and tweet us your comments, experiences and photos on indigenous themes @IDLONews, using the hashtag #IndigenousDay.

View our photo-set to learn more about IDLO’s work in Latin America: