Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Criminal Justice Reform

In Ukraine, as in most eastern European states, the role of the Public Prosecutor is oversized in relation to the Judiciary and the rest of the legal community. The institution is historically prone to abuse of power and corruption, and skewed towards protecting the interests of the state over those of society or the individual. Regard for human rights is scant; fair trial standards are rarely applied. As a consequence, public dissatisfaction is rife. However, current political will to change the system has opened up an opportunity for meaningful reform. 

Contributing to institutional reform efforts, and funded by the United States Department of State, IDLO is implementing a project to build the capacity of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Prosecutor General’s Office and the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. With an emphasis on public relations and management strategies, and building the capacity of newly appointed detectives and prosecutors, the project seeks to improve the efficiency of the prosecution system in Ukraine by optimizing its overall organizational structure and eliminating functional overlaps. Through increased transparency and merit-based attestation with independent experts, corruption risks are minimized and public trust is improved.  The project is working together with regional governments, state actors, civil society and the business community to implement the new system of electronic public procurement, which is obligatory for use by all state entities. Project duration 2015 – 2019.