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Capacity building for Armenia's insolvency court

While Armenia introduced an insolvency law in 2006, insolvency frameworks and procedures need to be strengthened. Insolvency in Armenia is court-led, and many aspects of insolvency law are complex and controversial, requiring specialized judges to handle them. The ongoing strengthening of the specialized insolvency court is expected to have significant positive impact on the insolvency framework and on the country’s investment climate.

In partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IDLO is implementing a project that aims to strengthen the quality and uniformity of the administration of justice and predictability of court decisions in the insolvency sector. In addition to developing a methodology and recommendations, IDLO will design a training of trainers program to ensure a sustainable, continuous training structure for insolvency judges. This will enhance the skills of future trainers not only with regards to the substantive aspects of the Armenian insolvency law, but also on methods of assessing the performance of the training participants. 

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