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Legal Empowerment

Rights mean little if those entitled to them are not aware they exist. Due process is of doubtful value when you are illiterate, or unable to understand the proceedings. Courts are next to worthless for those who cannot afford the bus fare to reach them. Nor should justice be about courts alone. For all these reasons, legal empowerment is crucial. Part of IDLO's bottom-up (or demand side) approach, it involves equipping people with the knowledge, confidence and skills to realize their rights. Even as we work to improve the functioning of justice systems, we strengthen citizens' capacity to press for justice from below.

The rule of law only exists to the extent that it works for all.

Securing Kenya’s Constitutional Development

While the new Constitution of Kenya, 2010 provides for the right of every Kenyan to access justice, its implementation is vital to strengthen and support the changes required for a better Kenya. IDLO is supporting the Kenyan Government to implement the Constitution in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner, in accordance with international standards and best practices. This is being done with a view to enhancing access to justice for Kenyans, especially for women, children and other vulnerable populations.

México: Conferencia Jurídica para el Cambio Climático y el Desarrollo Rural

Las oportunidades y desafíos para la transición de México a una economía verde que beneficie a las comunidades más vulnerables e impactadas por el cambio climático, fueron el objeto de la"Conferencia de Preparación Jurídica para el Cambio Climático y el Desarrollo Rural: oportunidades y desafíos en Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca y la Península de Yucatán" celebrada en México, DF, el 26 y 27 de septi


Key Initiatives

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