Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement
Implementing Partner: 
Tanzania NCD Alliance (TANCDA)
Sub-Project title: 
Advocacy for Promotion of Healthy Diets and Physical Activity in Tanzania
Amount awarded: 
TZS 177,274,108
juillet, 2023 - mai, 2025

Under the second phase of the Global Regulatory and Fiscal Capacity Building Programme (RECAP II), this sub-project aims to contribute to an enabling legal and policy environment for the adoption of regulatory and fiscal measures that promote healthy diets and physical activity to reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Tanzania. Building on the results achieved during the first phase of the sub-project, in collaboration with the Tanzania Women Lawyers Association, the Tanzania NCD Alliance (TANCDA) is providing support to the NCDs Technical Working Group (TWG) and conducting a series of capacity development activities on mainstreaming legal, human rights and gender into policy advocacy interventions and reporting to civil society organizations, members of the NCDs TWG and media representatives, in order to strengthen their capacity to advocate for policy regulatory and fiscal measures for the promotion of healthy diets and physical activity. TANCDA is also conducting awareness-raising activities on regulatory, policy, and fiscal measures to promote healthy diets and physical activity for members of the Parliament in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar to increase key stakeholders’ awareness and support in the above policy areas. Finally, in collaboration with other RECAP implementing partners, TANCDA is participating and supporting the coordination of the East African Regional Dialogue in Kenya on RECAP policy areas.

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