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IDLO Annual Report 2022

Date of Publication: 
Mercredi, juillet 5, 2023
About This Publication: 

In 2022, the escalation of armed conflict, the increasingly severe effects of climate change and the lingering effects of COVID-19, generated greater justice needs while at the same time limiting the ability of individuals and institutions to address them.

This emerging reality, combined with the ongoing global backlash against human rights and multilateralism and the erosion of trust in governments and institutions, underscored the critical relevance of IDLO’s mandate.

Despite these challenges, in 2022, IDLO was able to make significant contributions by harnessing the rule of law as a powerful force for peace and sustainable development.

This required not only the agility to adapt our operations to new realities while ensuring the continuation of longstanding initiatives but also the ability to leverage strong partnerships and adopt innovative approaches.

This Annual Report offers a tangible demonstration of the results we achieved in this last year, despite the increasingly challenging global context.


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