Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Advocating for rule of law solutions to ensure food security for all

Mardi, juillet 25, 2023
Rome, Italy
25 July 2023

As part of the follow-up to the Food Systems Summit held in 2021, IDLO supported the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub – composed of FAO, IFAD, the United Nations Development Coordination Office (UNDC), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Food Programme (WFP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) – in the organization of a Solutions Dialogue on Strengthening Governance for More Just, Inclusive and Effective Food Systems Transformation to support countries with the implementation of their national transformation pathways.

High-level representatives from 140 countries attended the event, where they discussed the importance of transforming food systems by putting in place robust regulations and norms that are in line with the rule of law.

IDLO participated in the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 50th plenary session and contributed to the preparation of “Inequalities Across Food Systems,” a report by the High- Level Panel of Experts of the CFS. IDLO is also member of the CFS’s Group of Friends of the Right to Food.

In July 2022, at the high-level roundtable on Governing Sustainable Agrifood Systems: Strengthening Legislation and Building Capacity to Support Implementation, Compliance and Enforcement, IDLO presented rule of law-based solutions for more effective, inclusive and transparent food systems governance across national institutions.