Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

À propos de l'IDLO

IDLO is the only intergovernmental organization exclusively devoted to promoting the rule of law. Governments, multilateral organizations, private foundations and the private sector support our work. We are headquartered in Rome, where we were first founded, and where we continue to enjoy strong support from the Italian government. We are present in The Hague, a city whose hospitality connects us with an unrivaled legal tradition. And we are represented at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, where we help shape the debate about human rights and development.

Our vision is a world where every person lives with dignity and under the rule of law.

Our mission: We work to enable governments, empower people and strengthen institutions to realize justice, peace and sustainable development.

We do not champion law for law’s sake: if we promote well-functioning courts, we also strive to make them accessible. For us, helping draft a national Constitution means giving a voice to the rural widow. The same emphasis on the end-user informs IDLO’s record on commercial law, intellectual property law, environmental law, and every other area of law, national or international.

IDLO has:
  • Experience working in dozens of countries
  • Expertise in institution building and legal empowerment
  • A network of 2,500 experts and 47 independent alumni associations
  • Knowledge of diverse legal systems
  • Extensive research on rights and justice
IDLO is:
  • The only intergovernmental organization exclusively devoted to promoting the rule of law
  • An international thought leader
IDLO was:
  • Established as an intergovernmental organization in 1988
  • Granted United Nations Observer status in 2001