Refugees and Migrants

Approximately 244 million people around the world are international migrants, and 50% of them are women. About 14 million are refugees seeking relief from persecution and protected by the international refugee law system. Many other migrants, including those seeking relief from conflict, poverty and disasters are the least protected by the international legal system. As people cross borders – becoming migrants – they often leave behind physical danger only to be confronted with physical and legal vulnerability. IDLO believes that the rule of law, properly understood and applied, is essential for ensuring the rights of all those in need of humanitarian protection – as well as enabling humanitarian workers to carry out their work in safety and in conformity with humanitarian principles. 

IDLO is committed to empower refugees, displaced persons and other vulnerable populations to claim their rights; and is also exploring ways to best support them, and the communities that receive them.

IDLO D-G meets UN's SRSG for International Migration, Louise Arbour

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