IDLO has provided capacity enhancement training to tens of thousands of legal professionals from the developing world. Many have gone on to form IDLO Alumni Associations. These nationally established, independent non-governmental bodies bring together legal professionals from all sectors: government, business, private practice and civil society. The Associations build bridges and foster cooperation across different legal sectors. They play an important role in furthering the rule of law in the communities they serve.


IDLO is an established provider of high quality training services, with more than 26 years of experience working with legal and development professionals. More than 20,000 people have been trained by IDLO, creating one of the largest practitioner networks in the world. These alumni continue to work with IDLO and in partnership with each other to share information and improve their knowledge and skills. E-Learning is training provided using the Internet. E-learning means moving away from the traditional classroom learning experience and into the learner's world. It means that participants can learn at any time and any place around the world.


At IDLO, we take pride in attracting and retaining individuals with exceptional skills and talent. It is imperative that we continue to hire individuals with impact – the kind of people who will make a difference, and those with a genuine passion for the organization's mission. We offer a diverse and collaborative environment that respects and promotes ongoing professional development. We set high professional standards and we recruit based on a rigorous set of criteria to ensure future excellence in our organization. IDLO is an equal opportunity employer and seeks to further diversify its staff by attracting an international team that is representative of the beneficiaries and constituencies we serve. IDLO does not discriminate against any individual in matters of employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, or disability.