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The Gambia


After undergoing a series of transitions in recent years, The Gambia has emerged to find itself on a path towards democracy and political stability. With a growing and entrepreneurial population, its economic potential remains untapped with an underused agricultural sector, an overreliance on tourism and high debt.

In order to promote prosperity and solidify the country’s progress, it is critical to develop strong frameworks to stimulate international investment grounded in the rule of law and sustainable development.

Investment and Negotiation Support to the Republic of The Gambia

The Gambia’s transition to democracy has led to an increase in foreign investors wishing to undertake commercial and infrastructure projects in the country. While an opportunity to strengthen the country’s markets, The Gambia recognizes that foreign investment may easily turn into a potential liability if not properly managed and regulated. To address this concern, IDLO has been requested to provide State Counsels and relevant government actors with specialized knowledge in commercial and investment law to be able to provide effective legal advice on transactional matters.

Key Initiatives

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