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The former Portuguese colony emerged in 1992 from a civil war that left more than one million dead. Mozambique is now one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, largely thanks to strong foreign investor interest. Extreme poverty has declined as a result, but continues to affect rural populations disproportionately.

Sustainable Land Use in Southern Africa

Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia are rich in forests, land and minerals, but have struggled to derive development benefits from these natural resources. Although land use investments can activate economic, social and environmental progress (such as local employment creation, wealth generation and infrastructure establishment), positive development outcomes are not automatic.

IDLO’s interview with Benvinda Levi: Women and Girls on the Frontlines of Changing Mentalities

Chaotic decolonization scenario, Marxist one-party state, war-ravaged nation, democracy, star economic reformer: in the last four decades, Mozambique has collected about as many labels as any developing country could. And in the past fifteen years, its geopolitical compass needle has swung from despairing to promising. 

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