International Development Law Organization

Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration: Electronic Public Registers in Ukraine

Through its decentralization and anti-corruption efforts, the Government of Ukraine is attempting to improve and extend the application of e-governance, or digital, tools in public administration based on international best practices. Over 100 existing registries and databases managed by various state institutions lack interoperability and do not allow for smooth exchanges of data between each other. As a result, the ease of access to public information is undermined and considerable corruption risks arise as personal interactions among state authorities and citizens as well as the business community tend to take place. In addition, due to limited exchange of information among relevant public actors, the quality of the public records in question becomes unreliable.

IDLO is implementing a project that aims to reduce corruption risks associated with lack of transparency and increase the efficiency of public information registries through the application of e-governance tools. Under the project, IDLO will work to establish a proper legal basis for a unified system of electronic public registers and ensure their interoperability. Through national and international experts, IDLO will provide Ukraine’s E-Governance Agency with professional assistance in drafting normative acts needed for implementation. IDLO will also analyze the existing legislation on new online administrative services, propose amendments for better optimization, and seek to increase the number of open data sets and improve access to public records.