International Development Law Organization

Strengthening the Capacity of Police and Other Law Enforcement Agencies to Effectively Respond to Trafficking in Persons

3 May 2018

In Liberia, the most prevalent form of trafficking in persons involves women and children being trafficked from rural to urban areas, with family members usually acting as independent traffickers. Although the country has a legal and policy framework prohibiting trafficking, the response to trafficking in persons is ineffective, with very few investigations, prosecutions and convictions. In 2017, Liberia was classified as one of the countries on the ‘Tier 2 Watchlist’ in the United States Department of State’s Report on Trafficking in Persons. Police, prosecutors and judges in Liberia lack the skills and knowledge needed to identify, investigate and prosecute trafficking offenses.

With support from the United States Department of State, IDLO is implementing a project that aims to strengthen the capacity of the Liberia National Police and other law enforcement agencies to effectively respond to trafficking in persons in Liberia. To this end, IDLO will design a training curriculum and roll out training events for police officers, with a particular focus on women police officers. The project will also seek to build awareness of trafficking among the general public and law enforcement professionals. Finally, IDLO will work to enhance collaboration between police and other stakeholders, especially women and children.