International Development Law Organization

Strengthening Afghanistan’s Justice Institutions

Despite significant donor assistance and a marked improvement over the past decade, Afghanistan's justice institutions still suffer from a severe lack of capacity across a range of basic competencies. These deficiencies persist due to a variety of factors, including the high turnover of staff in justice sector institutions and a lack of focus on developing the internal capacity of institutions to manage their own professional development. As donor support for Afghanistan winds down, there is a clear need to develop sustainable handover mechanisms to continue support for the rule of law in Afghanistan, without which it will not be possible to ensure human security, cement basic law and order, and build fair, transparent and effective institutions as encapsulated in Goal 16 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With funding from the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, IDLO is implementing the Afghan Justice Institutions Strengthening (AJIS) Program to improve both the quality of and confidence in the legal system in Afghanistan. IDLO will support training for justice sector professionals in the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Women's Affairs and the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association. IDLO will lend support to design, deliver and evaluate legal training programs themselves, which will enhance the capacity of these justice institutions to deliver justice to the citizens of Afghanistan, and to meet the country’s Sustainable Development targets.

Training provided under the AJIS Program complements criminal law training that has been provided by IDLO’s Justice Training Transition Program.


8 March, 2017

Mosooma* is 29 years old, and the only woman in a group of two dozen civil and commercial law instructors working for the Government and Bar Association in Afghanistan.