International Development Law Organization

The new Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes in Kyrgyzstan

In recent years, the Kyrgyz Republic has adopted a new Criminal Code and reformed the Criminal Procedure Code with the stated aim to humanize the system of law enforcement in the country. The new Codes were developed by a group of dedicated technical experts that have subsequently supported the development of a training program aimed at building the capacity of all key stakeholders - judges, police, defense lawyers, and prosecutors - on the foundational understanding of the codes. However, available funding for the training is limited and the multi-donor group is unable to cover the preparation of all trainees to the extent necessary.

Funded by the United States Department of State, IDLO is implementing a project that aims to train judges and police officers on the theoretical and conceptual basis of the new Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code. Under this project, IDLO will assist the multi-agency group to bring on additional resources in order to cover training needs currently unaddressed. Lastly, the project will focus on awareness-raising by disseminating copies of the new Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes to the High Justice Training Center.