International Development Law Organization

Facilitating Peace and Reconciliation in Kyrgyzstan

Following the April 2010 Revolution in the Kyrgyz Republic, an interim government came to power promising to end many of the injustices that had prompted the overthrow of the country’s previous two presidents. Many reforms carried out during the interim period were focused on improving the foundation and application of the rule of law. Despite initial steps made towards progress in this area, the political events of 2010, including ethnic violence, significantly undermined potential progress in the rule of law. The conflict in the south and following events restated the challenges that the Kyrgyz Republic faces in establishing the supremacy of the rule of law.

As part of IDLO’s work to improve the rule of law and access to justice for sustainable peace, with funding from the United Nations Development Program via the UN Peacebuilding Fund (UNPBF), IDLO led a nationwide public consultation process on issues impacting peace and stability, through public events and innovative ICT solutions, which were aimed at developing concrete policy recommendations to strengthen the rule of law, and further sustainable peace. 

Under the project, IDLO supported the creation of the “Danaker” (“Peacemaker”) dialogue platform involving stakeholders from the Kyrgyz government, judiciary and civil society to exchange ideas and recommendations on ways forward on four priority topics pertaining to rule of law and sustainable peace: (i) independence of the courts and their role in peacebuilding; (ii) relations between investors and the local population; (iii) access of people with disabilities to state services; and (iv) issues of internal migration. The project established and activated a digital presence for the Danaker platform, including a website, dedicated Twitter feed and Facebook page to gather citizens’ opinions and feedback. In addition, the platform solicited coverage from traditional media outlets, including radio programs and national television broadcasts of public debates on platform topics.

The Danaker platform hosted eight roundtables and conferences at the national and regional levels, generating research studies and policy and legislative recommendations relevant to the rule of law, human rights and national reconciliation.