International Development Law Organization

Children’s Access to Justice in Mongolia

The COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to contain it have had severe and long-lasting impacts on Mongolia. Though prevention and containment measures have successfully prevented a large-scale health crisis, extended lockdowns have negatively affected children’s access to education, psychological and physical wellbeing and reduced the capacity of the Mongolian justice system to respond to crimes against children.

Funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Mongolia, IDLO is implementing a program to help strengthen Mongolia’s child protection system and child rights framework to urgently address the increase in cases of gender-based violence and violence against children prompted by the pandemic. The project will develop tools to help assess the functionality of Mongolia’s Legal Committees on Child Rights functionality and their role in multisectoral coordination and referrals. IDLO will train the National Police Agency on international standards and best practices in child protection and application of a child-centred approach, including through a train-the-trainer program. IDLO will moreover provide technical and financial support to civil society organizations to develop and roll out a workbook for school-age children with information on coping techniques and resources for assistance.

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