International Development Law Organization

Bailiff training and impact assessment in Kyrgyzstan

As in many transition countries, non-enforcement of court decisions in the Kyrgyz Republic remains a key obstacle to investor confidence. Litigants and lawyers attest to lengthy delays and a large number of unenforced judgments and debtors who hide assets and evade court orders. The Court Department, which is responsible for supervising the work of enforcement agents, conducts its own ad hoc training in cooperation with other government agencies and departments. However, it does not currently offer a systemic training program. 

IDLO, in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), is implementing a project that aims to improve the effectiveness of enforcement agents in the Kyrgyz Republic through bailiff training and impact assessment. Complementing an ongoing project, Bailiff Service Capacity Building, the project will focus on conducting a systematic training of all bailiffs in Kyrgyzstan. IDLO will implement a system of training for court decision enforcement, addressing both initial and ongoing training. An impact assessment of the project, as well as all other relevant technical cooperation activities, will be carried out to measure the effectiveness of the training and the impact the activities have had on enforcement agents.