International Development Law Organization

Bailiff Service Capacity Building in Kyrgyzstan: Training of trainers and apprenticeship

Even the best functioning courts, without effective mechanisms for ensuring compliance with their   decisions, are in effect perceived as weak institutions, leading to an erosion of public confidence in the rule of law as a whole.  Despite the progress achieved by the   judicial   system   of   the   Kyrgyz   Republic   in improving its commercial law capacity, enforcement of   judicial   decisions   remains   a   hindrance   to   an   effective commercial dispute resolution framework.

IDLO, in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is implementing a project that aims to address both the institutional strengthening and the regulatory needs of the Court Department, while at the same time seeking to make these improvements sustainable by building up the capacity of the bailiffs from within, introducing innovative and enduring training solutions for the bailiff corps. IDLO  will  advise  the  Ministry  of  Justice  on  legislative  reform  as  well  as  the  Court Department  on  institutional  development  issues. The project will produce sub-legislation developed to ensure effective implementation of the Law on the Status of Court Enforcement Agents and Enforcement Procedure and will see that practical enhancements are realized in the institutional operation of the Court Department.