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COP27 UN Climate Change Conference – High-Level Segment

Statement by the Director-General, Ms Jan Beagle

High-level Segment
Sharm El Sheikh
16 November 2022


It is a pleasure to address this Conference on behalf of the International Development Law Organization.

As the only global intergovernmental organization exclusively devoted to promoting the rule of law to advance peace and sustainable development, IDLO firmly believes that it is essential to apply a justice lens to climate action.

The causes and effects of climate change – and the actions needed to address them – are fundamentally linked to issues of justice, equity and accountability.

This is true, not just within and between countries, but also between present and future generations.

Drawing on IDLO’s experience, allow me to share three important ways in which a rule of law based approach can be a catalyst for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

First, empowering people and communities to claim their land and participate in climate decision-making is not only just. It can also unlock transformative changes on alleviating poverty, ending hunger, and promoting gender equality and sustainability.

This is particularly true for traditionally excluded groups including women, indigenous people, youth and other marginalised communities.

Strengthening both formal and customary justice systems can enable those with the least capacity to adapt to change to advocate for their environmental rights and contribute to solutions.

Second, delivering climate commitments at the national level, from the green energy transition to the implementation of effective mitigation and adaptation measures, will require new laws, and more responsive justice institutions and governance capacity.

Third, the rule of law can promote the trust and accountability needed to mobilise climate finance, and deal with issues of loss and damage equitably.

This in a nutshell is what a climate justice approach can offer.

IDLO is committed to working with all partners to promote a more just, green and sustainable future through the rule of law.