International Development Law Organization


22 August, 2018

The Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic is now publicizing incidents of alleged out-of-process interferences in judicial activities online. The initiative represents an important measure in the context of the judiciary’s broader efforts to increase transparency and inform the public, and also works to prevent any undue influence or pressure on judges.

14 August, 2018

In 2014, a human rights monitoring mission was deployed to investigate alleged crimes and human rights violations in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

10 August, 2018

El acceso de las mujeres a la justicia es esencial para cumplir una aspiración clave de la Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible: no dejar a nadie atrás.

10 August, 2018

La justice pour les femmes est indispensable à la réalisation d’un des principaux objectifs du Programme de développement durable à l’horizon 2030 : veiller à ne laisser personne de côté.

7 August, 2018

Agriculture is the most important economic activity in Guatemala, employing around 32 per cent of the country’s labor force and contributing 14 per c

27 July, 2018

Entering the courthouse as a defense lawyer in Afghanistan is a process. While the prosecutors walk in alongside fellow officers of the court, defense lawyers are made to stand in line with members of the public. For female lawyers, without a permit to drive up to the check points closer to the building, reaching the courthouse can involve a 45-minute unprotected walk.

27 July, 2018

They expected things to be different.

20 July, 2018

A resolution adopted by the Ukrainian government in May 2018, drafted with support from IDLO, is paving the way for a national legal framework that will underpin an innovative e-governance system connecting all electronic public registers across the country.

6 July, 2018

Born and raised in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, Justice Teresa Doherty spent 11 years as the only woman to hold high judicial office in the Pacific Islands.