International Development Law Organization


20 November, 2012

ROME, 20 November 2012 – The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan became the 28th Member Party to the International Development Law Organization (IDLO).

15 November, 2012

So you’re a police officer. You’re on patrol. The call comes: a man is threatening to jump off a bridge. You rush there. The community, and your own conscience, expect you to ‘do something’. 

Most likely, somewhere in the depths of his ailing mind, the man on the bridge is also longing for you to ‘do something’. 

15 November, 2012

Transparency in the context of public procurement is considered one of the most effective deterrents to corruption. Effective and well run procurement is a precondition for ensuring public officials’ accountability and the effective management of resources.

26 October, 2012

SAN JOSE, 25 de octubre del 2012 – El programa EUROsociAL II, y la Organización Internacional del Derecho para el Desarrollo, IDLO en calidad de socio operativo, organizaron un Taller Regional de Necesidades y Prioridades para la Divulgación de Derechos de Población en Condición de Vulnerabilidad en San José, Costa Rica. 

26 October, 2012

ROME, 25 October 2012 – The Vice Minister of Justice of Vietnam, H.E. Pham Quy Ty, visited the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) with a delegation of Vietnamese legal officials. 

IDLO’s Director-General Irene Khan briefed the Vice Minister on IDLO’s projects in Vietnam, including its work on climate change and Intellectual Property. 

22 October, 2012

As representatives of big United Nations agencies, NGOs and the American Bar Association gather in Rome to debate the justiciability of the right to food, some may wonder if the word itself can be successfully pronounced. 

5 September, 2012

Members of the ASEAN Committee in Rome, including the Ambassadors of the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia, and senior diplomats from the Embassies of Indonesia and Vietnam came to IDLO for a briefing on IDLO activities by the Director-General and senior management. The meeting, which was organized with the help of H.E.

9 August, 2012

Indigenous communities, often unaware of their rights under law are unable to use them to their advantage. Law can help make the difference between poverty and development, between malnutrition and a dignified life. Legal empowerment – whether through national or customary law – of indigenous peoples is the key. 

7 August, 2012

The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies in Rome, David Lane, presented his diplomatic credentials to the Director-General of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), Irene Khan, at the organization’s headquarters in Rome.

The U.S. is the current President of the IDLO Assembly of Parties

28 June, 2012

Communities that survived years of violent strife still struggle to secure permanent rights

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