International Development Law Organization


13 March, 2013

BISHKEK, March 15, 2013 – An efficient judicial system is crucial to development. Yet from Moldova in the west to Mongolia in the east, underfunding of judicial systems remains the norm. Five countries in the region devote less than 0.5 percent of their national budget to the sector. In Kyrgyzstan, funding halved between 2008 and 2012.

10 March, 2013

The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) today launched its newest and most ambitious project to date in Afghanistan: the Justice Training Transition Program (JTTP) made possible through the support of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs of the U.S. State Department. 

8 March, 2013

Gender violence must cease to be a common currency, IDLO Director-General Irene Khan has said.

8 March, 2013

An event organized by IDLO to coincide with the 22nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva heard from a great number of participants. Focusing on women’s access to justice, the meeting was supported by the Australian, Austrian and Finnish governments.

5 March, 2013

In the run-up to International Women’s Day, the Italian senator and veteran feminist talks to IDLO news editor Andre Vornic.

25 February, 2013

El comercio puede ser una contribución importante para el desarrollo sostenible, pero se necesitan soluciones legales innovadoras que garanticen que los más pobres del mundo accedan de manera justa a sus beneficios, según palabras de Irene Khan, Directora General de la Organización Internacional de Derecho para el Desarrollo (IDLO, por sus siglas en inglés).

22 February, 2013

There was not much Roman sun, IDLO Director-General Irene Khan observed, to welcome a senior Mongolian delegation earlier this week. But it was still an improvement on the harsh winter of Ulaanbaatar – and indeed, some visitors could be seen enjoying the weather’s relative clemency during a coffee break.

20 February, 2013

Buying a bar of chocolate, a pack of coffee… Picking this one over that one… “Bananas? Ah yes… Let me see the label… Shall we get those smaller ones?”

6 February, 2013

In India, a student — still nameless — is fatally gang-raped on a Delhi bus; in Pakistan, teenager Malala Yousafzai is shot in the head for advocating girls’ education; in Afghanistan, a young woman, Lal Bibi, is abducted and raped as payback in a family feud. Elsewhere — countless other women and girls, brutalized, trafficked, denied basic rights, either in law or in practice.

24 January, 2013

In a bare-bones, underheated court house in snow-bound Issy-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, a woman tells IDLO a story. This story is her own. She tells how, just out of girlhood, she was studying law, away from her village. Once, while on a visit back home, the young woman saw a car pull up. Men jumped out and grabbed her: she was, she knew, being bride-kidnapped.