International Development Law Organization

IDLO DG Urges Rights-Conscious Response to Philippines Typhoon

"As evidence mounts of thousands of lives lost and many more wrecked in the Philippine typhoon, our thoughts and most heartfelt sympathy go out to the victims," IDLO Director-General Irene Khan has said.

"At this key post-disaster moment, it is vital that we establish conditions to restore the dignity of the survivors and protect their rights. All aspects of relief and rehabilitation must be structured around the principles of non-discrimination, gender equality and human rights," Ms. Khan added.

"We must also work to ensure that adequate legal preparedness helps minimize such tragedies in future. Rule of law measures -- good governance, transparent planning processes, rational land-use and climate-conscious development -- are all crucial factors. If we are serious about empowering communities to respond to disasters, then the rule of law is our best ally," Ms. Khan concluded.