International Development Law Organization

HIV-AIDS: Building Skills and Solidarity Across the Andes

Delegates from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela will attend a three-day workshop on HIV-related services in the Andean region from September 23-25, 2014.

The workshop will be facilitated by a technical team from IDLO and the regional centers of UNDP and UNAIDS, based in Panama. Its purpose is to improve access to justice and legal services so that HIV-affected populations can fully exercise and enjoy their human rights.


Specific goals for the workshop include:

  1. Building the knowledge and skills of participants in the provision of legal services with a focus on rights and HIV.
  2. Strengthening networks and alliances between institutions and civil society organizations in the region.
  3. Updating information on existing legal frameworks in order to promote the adoption of laws, policies, rules and regulations compliant with human rights standards.