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17 May, 2016

Rome – “The underlying issues that the poor face in the finance sector can teach us valuable lessons for the justice sector: in many places, the law serves only the people who can afford it,” said Professor Muhammad Yunus, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his pioneering work on microcredit and women’s empowerment.

4 April, 2016

Representatives from government, civil society and the private sector gathered in New York at the United Nations to discuss the importance of promoting equal participation of women in international positions of authority to promote sustainable development.

Afghan women
29 March, 2016

In a briefing at IDLO’s Headquarters in Rome, Member Parties heard from staff working in Afghanistan about the progress being made there in combatting violence against women.  Field staff discusse

14 March, 2016

ROME - Leaders of international organizations based in Rome today gathered to highlight the achievements and the real prospects for achieving gender equality.  The speakers all agreed accelerating the empowerment of women everywhere is fundamental to achieving a zero hunger world and reaching the world’s new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

1 March, 2016

IDLO gathered with representatives from the World Bank, development actors and think tanks in the field of security & justice reform to participate in a round table discussion at the World Bank’s Fragility Forum 2016 in Washington, DC.

17 February, 2016

Lawyers, academics, and representatives of civil society organizations and UN agencies from across the Middle East and North Africa met this month in Egypt to discuss regional progress in strengthening and expanding HIV-related legal services.

2 February, 2016

Languages: English, Español

IDLO facilitated a meeting held on January 25 - 27with a focus on strengthening HIV-related legal services in Latin America through regional alliances.

12 December, 2015

A workshop is taking place at IDLO's Branch Office in The Hague to debate recent developments in legal aid services and access to justice in the host country, the Netherlands, in Indonesia and elsewhere.

10 December, 2015

Tanzania's first national Rule of Law Stakeholders' Forum, organized by IDLO, is taking place in Dar es Salaam on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 December.