International Development Law Organization


10 July, 2018

Since 2015, IDLO has been managing the Indonesia-Netherlands Rule of Law Fund (RoLF) program, which builds on Indonesian development plans and continues the efforts of the Embassy of the Kingd

29 May, 2018

Global Peer-to-Peer Dialogue on Human Rights, Biodiversity and SDGs

18 May, 2018

Inaugural Meeting: High-level Group on Justice for Women

Update (as of July 27, 2018): the Inaugural Meeting Report is now available below

3 May, 2018

Joint Forum – Why Our Work Matters? Revisiting Institutional Efforts on Justice and Integrity

The realization of justice depends on respect for institutions and the rule of law. By adhering to well-defined legislation, impartial rulings can facilitate a fair, efficient and accountable delivery of justice.

14 March, 2018

Panel discussion - Women Justice Professionals and Gender Equality: Contributions, Challenges and Ways Forward

7 March, 2018

HIGH LEVEL SIDE EVENT Legal Frameworks for the Empowerment of Rural Women: Case Studies From Across the SDGs

7 March, 2018

HIGH LEVEL SIDE EVENT Closing the Gender Gap: Achieving Gender Parity in UN Human Rights Bodies

6 March, 2018

SIDE EVENT Creating a Culture of Gender Justice: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

13 February, 2018

La Organización Internacional de Derecho para el Desarrollo (IDLO) invita el público de San Pedro Sula a una exposición fotográfica que muestra la belleza y la realidad del sector de Chamelecón a través de los ojos de los jóvenes de la comunidad.