International Development Law Organization


29 May, 2018

Global Peer-to-Peer Dialogue on Human Rights, Biodiversity and SDGs

18 May, 2018

Inaugural Meeting: High-level Group on Justice for Women

“Equal and effective justice for women and girls forms the basis of more sustainable and inclusive patterns of development, and is essential to achieve the aspirational goal of the 2030 Agenda to reach the furthest behind.”

3 May, 2018

Joint Forum – Why Our Work Matters? Revisiting Institutional Efforts on Justice and Integrity

The realization of justice depends on respect for institutions and the rule of law. By adhering to well-defined legislation, impartial rulings can facilitate a fair, efficient and accountable delivery of justice.

14 March, 2018

Panel discussion - Women Justice Professionals and Gender Equality: Contributions, Challenges and Ways Forward

7 March, 2018

HIGH LEVEL SIDE EVENT Legal Frameworks for the Empowerment of Rural Women: Case Studies From Across the SDGs

7 March, 2018

HIGH LEVEL SIDE EVENT Closing the Gender Gap: Achieving Gender Parity in UN Human Rights Bodies

6 March, 2018

SIDE EVENT Creating a Culture of Gender Justice: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

13 February, 2018

La Organización Internacional de Derecho para el Desarrollo (IDLO) invita el público de San Pedro Sula a una exposición fotográfica que muestra la belleza y la realidad del sector de Chamelecón a través de los ojos de los jóvenes de la comunidad.

10 January, 2018

Due to their common heritage of legal systems and long standing mutual collaboration, the Netherlands and Indonesia have a unique opportunity to learn from each other’s developments and experiences, and contribute to strengthening the rule of law and its institutions in both countries.