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High-level Group on Justice for Women

Monday, May 28, 2018

Inaugural Meeting: High-level Group on Justice for Women

Update (as of July 27, 2018): The Inaugural Meeting Report is now available below

“Equal and effective justice for women and girls forms the basis of more sustainable and inclusive patterns of development, and is essential to achieve the aspirational goal of the 2030 Agenda to reach the furthest behind.”

After the launch of the Pathfinders Roadmap for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies, which serves as a guide for those working on the SDG targets for peace, justice and inclusion (SDG16+), a Task Force on Justice was put in place to work towards the successful implementation of SDG16.3.

This two-day event organized by IDLO, ‘Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies’ and UN Women, will mark the beginning of the High-level Group’s work in developing concrete recommendations on access to justice for women and girls, as an input to the work of the Task Force on Justice. Members of the High-level Group together with expert participants will provide an opportunity to discuss: 

1. 2030 Agenda: an opportunity to increase justice for women and girls

2. The justice gap for women and girls

3. What works and why

4. Making the case. Urgent action and investment for women’s access to justice

5. Championing women’s access to justice: a call to action and next steps

Details: Monday 28 - Tuesday 29 May, 2018  |  IDLO Branch Office, The Hague, The Netherlands MAP

Format: Panel discussion

Participation: is by invitation only. Please contact if you are interested in attending and indicate if you are attending both days, and specifically the morning and afternoon sessions. See Agenda below.

Post-meeting Pre-meeting

Meeting Report (released July 27, 2018)


Background Note

Background Paper

Challenge Paper on Justice

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Social Media Cheat Sheet

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29 May, 2018

Inaugural Meeting: High-level Group on Justice for Women

1 June, 2018

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This event is organized by IDLO, ‘Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies’, UN Women and the World Bank