International Development Law Organization

IDLO in Kenya: Devolution

Under the 2010 Constitution, a new governance system with a national government and 47 county governments was initiated. However, the county governments had limited capacity for legislative drafting and policy development, and lacked effective mechanisms to ensure county legislation met constitutional standards and aligned to national policy.

IDLO has supported the devolution process by building the capacity of county governments to develop legislation for the devolved functions, facilitating coordination between the national and county levels of government, and strengthening systems for fiscal decentralization and accountability.

IDLO’s activities have included:

  • Training county attorneys on legislative drafting in collaboration with the Council of Governors, Ministry of Devolution and Planning, Office of Attorney General, the Kenya Law Reform Commission and Kenya School of Government;
  • Supporting the development of county model laws as well as guidelines on the development of county laws and policies;
  • Strengthening of the capacity of the National Treasury for fiscal decentralization and accountability through the Inter-Governmental Fiscal Relations Department;
  • Promoting inter-governmental coordination by supporting various annual devolution conferences hosted by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and the Council of Governors.


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