Organisation Internationale de Droit du Développement

Strengthening the Capacity of National Partners in Economic Laws in Jordan

In recent years Jordan has taken significant steps toward promoting economic development, including through strengthening rule of law. Judicial specialization in relevant areas, while promoting an enabling environment for capacity development within the relevant judicial institutions is crucial to maximize the impact of those efforts and ensure sustainability. At the same time, attention has been given to encouraging entrepreneurship, in particular women entrepreneurs, as a means to achieve economic growth. However, a research study conducted in 2018 on equal access to justice for women entrepreneurs in Jordan showed that women still face a range of challenges and barriers.

Funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, IDLO is implementing a project that aims to strengthen the capacity of the judiciary in areas related to commercial and economic laws on one hand, and to enhance women entrepreneurs’ ability to access justice in commercial cases on another. The project will begin with a thorough needs assessment of the economic chambers to examine current capacity and identify gaps and future priorities. Based on the results of the needs assessment and related report, a comprehensive training program and manual will be developed and integrated into the broader training program of the Judicial Council and the Judicial Institute. Lastly, a group of women entrepreneurs from the initial pilot training will be selected to take part in a training of trainer’s activity to empower them in key related legal areas.